How Can an NRI Landlord Evict His/Her Tenant in India?

According to the Indian rental laws, the rights of a landlord in India permit the landlords to evict their tenants provided there is a legitimate and justified reason for such an action. Many Indian states have declared the lawful basis of eviction for tenants in India. To learn more about your legal rights as the owner of the property or more about your statutory rights as a landlord, get in touch with our expert team of NRI lawyers today.

Anytime an NRI rents out his/her property in India; there are certain rights of a tenant that you must keep in mind. These rights are highlighted in the Rent Control Act that was formed by the Indian government in the year 1948. State governments in India have implemented this act in order to provide regulated laws concerning rented properties as well as tenant evictions. As per the Act, the landlord (an NRI) and the tenant must sign the rent agreement stating that a particular property is being given on lease under certain stipulated conditions.

It is often easy to find a tenant in India and this is one of the most convenient ways for the NRIs to earn some extra money. Nevertheless, renting out a property in India while the owner is in abroad, comes with its own set of challenges and threats. There is a specific risk involved when we lease out our house to a stranger. However, eviction of a troublesome tenant, who has illegally taken over your Indian property or is not paying the rent, can be a nightmare for NRI landlords. These days, landlords take a number of precautions to avoid getting into such situations and are well-acquainted with the rental laws in India along with the rights of the tenants and landlords.

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