Intend to form a charitable Trust or Society or a Section 25 (Now Section 8 Company)?

If you intend to run a non-governmental organization, then you should register it under the appropriate laws to give it an effect of a legal entity. Government grants and funds are provided to registered organizations. Private donors are also more comfortable in dealing with organizations that are registered under appropriate laws.

Our Non Corporate Advisory team has comprehensive expertise and experience in the entire process like preparing the Trust Deed or Memorandum taking into account present and future requirements, latest tax requirements. We will also assist you in getting the entire procedure of registration like applications in the prescribed forms, prescribed affidavits, the important 7A notice to be published in the newspapers, the final hearing before the Commissioner and the obtaining of the certificate of registrations.

We also assist you in obtaining registrations under the Companies Act. By this, your organization becomes a Corporate entity. This was earlier known as Section 25 Company under the Companies Act, 1956 and is now known as Section 8 Company under the Companies Act, 2013. Registration as a Section 8 Company is a more time consuming and expensive process as compared to a registration under a Trust or Society but the advantages are far more relevant in the long run especially if you are looking for donations from abroad.

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