Website content preparation and website designing:
An informative and creative website is important as a means of communicating with potential funders and like-minded individuals including volunteers, donors and beneficiaries. Our professionals can prepare the content (content writing) based on your vision, mission, and programs planned. Our software professionals will also help you in designing your website content, thus enhancing your outreach efforts to the large community in an attention-grabbing and inexpensive manner.

Customised Management Information Systems.
We can assist you in designing a Management Information Systems (MIS) commensurate with your business needs. Apart from the packages software available in the market, if you desire to have a customized accounting or costing software, then we shall help you in the design of such a software in all its aspects like User Interface, Software hierarchies, rights and duties assigned to a user of the software etc.

Income tax and Law compliances:
NGO to act in accordance with government protocol and auditing regulations. Compliance is also required to ensure as part of conditions to get tax exemptions in some cases. Generally, an NGO, which has been compliant with laws will also, looked upon favorably with donors as it gives an impression of a professional management. We provide accounting services and assistance with these compliance issues.

Writing project proposals and financial forecasting:
Designing projects to achieve fund raising and optimum fund utilization is a challenging and important task for every organization. Our professionals will deliver need-based services like preparing the complete project proposal and budgets.

Documentation (Audio/ Visual):
Textual, Audio and visual documentation helps the organization to periodically communicate organizational work, results, strategies, plans and future programs. These various documents serve as qualitative and quantitative evidence of an organization’s work and achievement of goals. We can assist you in the documentation of your training, workshop, conferences, quarterly and yearly reports (to name a few process reports), funding reports, summary reports etc.

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